With 22 years of distinguished performance, DIGNITY INNOVATIONS has become one of the foremost leaders in the field of garment manufacturing & exports in India.

Quality & efficiency are the core values of DIGNITY, which we always ensure through our versatile production chain. Using hi-end Japanese technology & our immense commitment to delivery-on-time has made us an extremely reliable woven & knit garment manufacturer for some of the top Indian and International fashion brands.

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DIGNITY has always been pushing the limits of its capacity, and can now handle volume orders with ease. DIGNITY’s Garment Units, powered by superior Japanese machineries, is capable of producing 10000 Garments per day. DIGNITY has been increasing its manufacturing-capacity over the years, to convey volume orders of clients, in a shorter lead-time. It can successfully produce 250000 pieces of garment per Month. In 2015-16, DIGNITY exported 3 million pieces of garment, a figure which is expected to reach 5 million by 2017.

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